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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (Final Thoughts EP 17-24+25)

EDIT 31/10/15: I’m a dumbass who thought the series was over in the pre-finale keep reading past the embedded video to read more.

After more than 24 weeks of one of the most intense and regrettable roller coaster rides I’ve ever been on. I still don’t know for sure if i enjoyed Cinderella Girls or loathed it, but the second seasons few episodes were some of the more enjoyable. Idolm@ster is a series I have no regrets getting invested in over time but Cinderella girls has confused me in more ways than one, I’ll try not to talk to much about moments in the series I dislike and send the series off on a positive note.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 14-16)

The return of Cinderella Girls to my watch list isn’t something I can say I was looking forward to or even dreading but after seeing the PV I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t ecstatic, which also lead to a severe dread that it would just be a repeat of the up and down roller coaster that the first season was. Where I was expecting some kind of crossover episode between the 765 girls and 364 girls, I should have been looking more towards what they could do to express the individuality of the series apart from the main.

In the absence of Cinderella Girls and a lot of time contemplating on my thoughts towards the series, I now feel as though the first season fell short for not really trying hard enough, though it was enjoyable and had its moments it really could have been MUCH better. Sadly this blog post probably won’t be long enough to fit all my gripes with the first season, as most of these are written in under an hour, but I’m thrilled that every gripe I did have with the first season has been addressed. These first episodes focus on bringing more light to the girls which were shafted in the first season, hopefully this is the continued theme in the future of this series.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 12-13)

The two most recent episodes of Cinderella Girls have been the icing on the cake of an already fantastic series. Both episode focusing on probably my favorite aspects of an Idolmaster series, episode 11 being focused around a the same training camp from the Idolmaster Movie and episode 12 focusing on a summer Idol festival where a large amount of 346 Idols and Cinderella Girls all get to perform.

Episode 11 had the surprising change of pace from the rest of the series being set around the girls staying at the same training camp 765 stayed at in the recent movie. This episode mostly focused around the girls learning how to work together and stay in sync as a larger group, I’m glad that the series focused on this being able to bring the girls together again after their time in their separate units.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 11)

This week sees the debut of a real gem of a duo, with Miku and Riina who make the unit Asterisk. Mewraculously, Miku and Riina actually make one of the most entertaining groups and I have no real gravel with these two meow-sicians working together. At first I felt these two may have been off to a rocky start but they certainly found a diamond in the rough with this duo.

I’m feline really good about the direction this rolling stone of is going. I expected the remaining three episodes to really put the studio between a rock and a hard place, but it’s purrfectly clear they’re not leaving any stone upturned. I feel this episode was the cats whiskers and I kinda feel I’m taking how great this series is turning out for granite.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 10)

This week sees the debut of another debut of another group unit, made up of Kirari, Rika and Mirai. This sees the three girls go about promoting a fashion brand called Pika Pika Pop with their unit Dekoration, doing talks with an audience and performances. It’s a nice way that each unit by having them all introduced in a different way, I just expected to see episodes similar to Ranko’s or just performance episodes.

I really loved how this episode managed to bring in the other Idols without seeming forced, Mika would obviously be in this episode since it’s her younger sisters debut. It was really nice to see a more emotional scene with Mika too since she’d just been a support for the girls since taking a back seat. I really love that side characters are still getting screen time despite the sheer amount of Idols in Cinderella Girls though I feel as though it may have something to do with how popular they are.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 9)

This weeks sees the debut of unexpected Idol group Candy Island; with members Anzu, Kanako and Chieri. It’s nice to see there will be a variety of solo and group debuts in the series. The first TV appearance of the Cinderella project wasn’t really something I was looking forward too if anything I just thought that it wouldn’t be able to top the “are we live” an episode from the 2011 series. I’m really glad with how good of an episode we got this week despite such a at first glance poor leading cast, but they really manage to be entertaining throughout.

I can’t say with great confidence that I was really looking forward to this episode, mostly due to the reception the series has gotten with some friends I wondered if the series was just entertaining from my own excuses, but I’m very glad to say I have very few doubts for the future of the series after this episode and reconsidering past ones. I’m now extremely disappointed that the series will be split into two parts.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 8)

Starting off the character orientated episodes arguably at the peak with a Ranko debut was a very good move, an early fan favorite from her character design and eccentric personality I really loved getting the opportunity to see more of Ranko in this episode. I was really looking forward to the character focused episodes similar to the 2011 series and I feel they’ve managed to live up to the expectations.
The episode starts off with the girls bringing in one item to lighten up the office and get an idea of everyone’s identity. Seeing producer trying his best to make an effort to be less polite and more informal is really sweet, producer really is one of the highlights in the series so far. His interactions with the girls are really just too good and seeing him trying his best to open more for their sake is just too sweet.

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