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Gakkou Gurashi (EP 7-9)

why are all the windows broken in this show this makes no sense,

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Gakkou Gurashi (EP 4-6)

Starting off as one of my favorite anime this season, I’ve been constantly on edge about the possible drop in quality which is always more likely than consistency. Thankfully, the most recent episodes of Gakkou have been anything but poor and have made me highly invested in the series.

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Gakkou Gurashi (EP 1-3)

As one of the most promising series airing this season I have high expectations of the adaptation, though this season may not have that much stellar in the works it’s still a decent series. The setting takes place in a typical happy-go-lucky high school where a group of four work from the home stay club and their adventures around the campus and trouble with boys!

Spoiler warning;

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