Writing to find out why people feel so passionately about it as a whole & put into words why I enjoy/dislike something anything. Wanted to have a place where I can explain in more words than 140 as to why I like something.

Just a hobbyist trying to get more out of what I like. Feedback is much appreciated as I want to improve as much as possible, I realize most of my writing may just be rambling at times but being able to put my thoughts to words is important to me.

Explanation on Categories

Reviews – Clear thought out pieces on series I have watched in the past. Talking about why I enjoyed/disliked the series. These will usually be written over the course of time, adding more as I think more about it.

Blog posts – This is just a series based around three categories for my impressions while watching a series, usually airing. Sometimes not.

  • First impressions –  My first thoughts on a series, what draws me in my expectations for future episodes.
  • Check up – Continuation of first impressions, my thoughts are reevaluation or my weekly thoughts on an airing series.
  • Final thoughts – What a series has left me with what I liked about it what and disappointed me. This will come after I’ve finished a series.

Quick Look – Short to the point pieces on specific subjects such as characters, story, or setting. Heavily opinion based and much less formal than the previous categories.