Boku dake ga Inai Machi (EP 1-3)

Starting this series from knowing nothing has been pleasant surprise of this season. every time I watch an episode of Erased I can’t help but get sucked in it feels like a movie to anime, with the black bars taking up the top and bottom of the screen.

Following a male mc who as some characteristics that actually make him likable was probably the biggest surprise Erased had to offer first hand, but the main push between his ability to ‘blink’ around 5 minutes into the past, and stop a disaster, at first i was worried that it would be overused or gimmicky but the direction the series goes within the first episode is drastic to say the least, sending him back 20 years to solve a murder mystery or possibly prevent it.

Apparently the anime adaptation has cut a lot of content from the manga adaptation, but honestly i think it makes the show much better paced, people forget that pacing between manga and anime is drastically different and if it wasn’t for the time skip in the first episode i honestly wouldn’t have been as interested.

I really adore the visuals and animation in this series, everyone gave A-1 high praise for Your Lie in April’s visuals but i feel this knocks the ball out the park, the colour palette and  much simpler style allow for some really impressive animation.

As a thriller it’s surprisingly solid too, it feels great to be watching a series and not being able to key in on every twist and turn that’s about to happen, since most anime don’t really want to surprise the viewer, surprisingly.


I really do love how the story takes itself seriously with domestic abuse, murder, pedophillia and the mentality or the people facing each of these. where another similar series like Steins Gate would throw in 12 episodes of Funny Otaku Jokes before getting to the grit, whereas in Erased within the first episode, Satoru’s mother’s death is the trigger of the events in the series.

I really hope this show doesn’t end up like anohana where i’m laughing at how corny it is, or even steins gate where i was just bored for half the viewing. also this series probably has the best opening of this season, with some really beautiful animation and visuals that actually tie into the series.



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