Monthly Archives: August 2015

Gakkou Gurashi (EP 4-6)

Starting off as one of my favorite anime this season, I’ve been constantly on edge about the possible drop in quality which is always more likely than consistency. Thankfully, the most recent episodes of Gakkou have been anything but poor and have made me highly invested in the series.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 14-16)

The return of Cinderella Girls to my watch list isn’t something I can say I was looking forward to or even dreading but after seeing the PV I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t ecstatic, which also lead to a severe dread that it would just be a repeat of the up and down roller coaster that the first season was. Where I was expecting some kind of crossover episode between the 765 girls and 364 girls, I should have been looking more towards what they could do to express the individuality of the series apart from the main.

In the absence of Cinderella Girls and a lot of time contemplating on my thoughts towards the series, I now feel as though the first season fell short for not really trying hard enough, though it was enjoyable and had its moments it really could have been MUCH better. Sadly this blog post probably won’t be long enough to fit all my gripes with the first season, as most of these are written in under an hour, but I’m thrilled that every gripe I did have with the first season has been addressed. These first episodes focus on bringing more light to the girls which were shafted in the first season, hopefully this is the continued theme in the future of this series.

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