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update meta post thing 19/05/2015

If I pretend that I’ve actually been making posts consistently would you humor me and pretend I had been? Please, I’ve just been very beat on this season and nothing to say is coming to mind, Ore Monogatari, Hibike and UBW are all amazing shows in their own regard however when I try to write about them I feel as though I’m forcing myself.

So it might not surprise you too hear that I’ll be sitting out of weekly reviews of this season, however I’ve been working a bit on a side project which I hope to become an expansion of this blog. I’ve been writing a few drafts for video reviews, I’m not sure why but I feel as though they would be a better way of communicating my feelings or at least easier to digest for others and I also want to try and work on my editing skills so it’s a win win really.

Look out for more reviews from me in the future I have a few planned and I’ll defiantly be covering Cinderella Girls when it comes back next season.