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Review: Nanana’s Buried Treasure

Nanana’s Buried Treasure is about an interesting set of characters living on an artificial island made into a lavish education environment. Nanana Ryuugajou, who was murdered 10 years before the actual setting of the story is the founder of the island and The 7 genius students, known as the GREAT 7, who launch a project to construct an artificial island called Nanae Island to realize their leader, Nanana Ryugajo’s peculiar idea.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 7)

I honestly feel quite bad about doubting the direction of the series so far, this weeks episode has changed my outlook in several ways. From the start of this episode I was still skeptical but at the end of the episode I was grinning ear to ear, the way any good Idol anime should make anyone feel. Where the previous episode I was stretching to not talk much about the overly dramatic ending, this episode which is the backlash of it is probably my favorite episode so far. .

What I really loved about this episode is how it took the scenario of the possible breaking up of New Generations as a topic to bounce of the other girls, to see how they would react. Uzuki, who only thinks about how the others are feeling and is disappointed in herself for not trying her best at the mini live. Rin who gets frustrated with the lack of communication from the producer and uses his own words against him, telling him that she felt as though she was going to find something to feel passionate about.

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Koufuku Graffiti (EP 6)

Koufuku is surprising me more and more every time I watch it. It’s an oddly good feeling to get from a slice of life. In a lot of regards I thought I was growing to dislike the show but I really love the direction it’s taken. I feel I didn’t really have enough to say about EP 5 but here I could talk for a while on just the relationship of Ryou and Kirin. I really liked this episode even aside from the fan service.

The role of mother figure is so hammered in by now that it’s just so sweet to watch them interact, their dialogue exchange is always a treat. It’s definitely my favorite theme of the show. I love the ways Ryou takes responsibility of Kirin every time she complains, Kirins temper tantrums can be a bit irritating the squealing in-particular is strange, it’s like they don’t animate her enough to show the expression the voice actor provides. The way Ryou calms her down again is too entertaining to me. I’m probably just lighthearted but it can be quite emotional just simple things like Kirin fanning Ryou while she sleeps.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 6)

This week was probably the most conflicting so far but, for the most part it’s pretty bread and butter aside from the ending. I’m really struggling to find the right way to talk about this episode, I’m not sure how I feel myself. I really do want to love every minute to Cinderella Girls but it’s pretty clear to me now there will be the “Miki moments” akin to the 2011 series.

I’d like to go as long into this without talking about the ending of the episode so I’ll try to leave my problems until the end of this post. To start off the episode sees the main three girls interviewed by an oddly familiar face, I’m not entirely sure but I think this is the same journalist from the 2011 series which would be a nice little throwback. The girls struggle to find what to say and leave it to an overly enthusiastic Mio, who is also apparently the leader now? I honestly don’t remember anything being said about this before, so I’m pretty confused.

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Koufuku Graffiti (EP 5)

Koufuku is slowly becoming a series I feel extremely conflicted on. I’m starting to question if shaft actually knows how to make a slice of life-like Hidamari Sketch again. But I am really enjoying the series so far, there’s plenty to enjoy here. I’d really hate to sound like I’m disliking Koufuku so far I’m just very surprised with the direction it’s taken.

I’m really surprised with this weeks episode, especially after I spoke about how Shiina was being excluded from the group in a way, this episode has Ryou and Kirin visiting her home to complete as many summer activities as possible. It’s a really nice set up as Shiina is an interesting character and learning more about her and her family is nice.

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IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (EP 5)

This week the episode starts off exactly where it ended only with the reveal that some of the other Idols are disappointed they’re not making their debut performance. It’s a good conflict for this weeks episode jealously must be easily acquired when everyone is working their hardest to become top Idol (aside from Anzu).

I was surprised to see this weeks episode would focus more on the side characters again, showing the conflict of them wanting to make their debut CD, feeling they’re being left behind. They also reveal that they will be doing a promotional concert in the future. I did feel as though them making their debut CD in one episode would be a bit too fast but, As I’ve said previously I do like the slower pace but it can feel a bit of a drag when it’s one episode a week.

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Koufuku Graffiti (EP 4)

Episode four of Koufuku was one of the more interesting so far, taking a focus on the relationship Ryou had with her grandma and the memories she had of eating with her. The shift in focus from the relationship of Ryou and Kirin isn’t something I expected to early on in the series but it’s appreciated to see.

The episode starts off with a really strange dream sequence where Ryou eats some food people’s heads (???) it plays into a later part of the episode but it’s honestly more disturbing than anything else in the show. I really don’t understand how these eating scenes are supposed to be erotic or even just nice to look at, they’re really just disgusting at times. The rest of the art is still superb however.

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